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You can add a Tenant which is basically a partner that can control the Rental Box.  They can make payments, invite themselves to the group, check prim counts and more.  The additional step of adding them to the Security System properly(see below) to keep their items from being returned is also required if you haven't already done so.

When Adding the Avatar Name to the RentalBox or HomeGuard security system, be sure to use ​

their FULL LEGACY NAME e.g.  Sunnyside Resident or Larinda Ravenhart etc.

To Add a Tenant to your Rental

1. Click on the 'Rental Box' > Tenants > Add Tenant

They should immediately receive a Group Invite if Online.  If they are offline when you add them, they can later invite themselves to the Group from the Rental Box menu as they will now have control of it (see Group Invite for instructions).

2.Click on the 'HomeGuard' > '[Guests]' - '<Add>' 

You must perform this step properly as shown below or rezzed items will be returnedIf you also want to give your tenant control of the HomeGuard Security System, perform the additional step of assigning them as 'Manager' after you have added them. 

You must add your partner (i.e. Tenant) to the Security System by manually typing in their legacy Avatar name from the keyboard.  If you add them by clicking on the button that shows the guest name, they won't get properly registered with the Land Manager. If your tenant is in the security system but their stuff keeps getting returned, just remove them and re-add using the text box.

                                      Add by typing name in text box

                                          Do not add using buttons

Special Note:  The Land Manager is a script running in the region and is responsible for returning un-authorized objects. When you properly add your guest to the HomeGuard security system, it notifies the land manager not to return their objects. 

To add just a Guest to the Security System

1. Click on the 'HomeGuard' > 'Guests' > 'Add' 


2.  Add them by 'Click the Guest button to add as guest' as shown with the red X above.  This adds them only to the security system and not the Land Manager.  Since they aren't a tenant or member of the group and won't be rezzing, they only need to be registered with the

security system.

Now your new guest will not be evicted when the Secutiry System is in Auto mode.  They cannot control the Rental Box or Security System.