Sky Diamond


To begin your tenancy, pay the Rental System for the desired amount of time and accept the group invite you should automatically receive.  If you miss the group invite or didn't get one, you can invite yourself by clicking on the Rental Box (see Group Invite in this guide).    To purchase additional weeks, right click on the Rental Box and select pay from the pie menu.


Please stay within your allotted prim allowance.  You can check your prim usage at the Rental Box. If you exceed your allowance you will receive warning messages and if the overage is not corrected in a reasonable amount of time, all of your objects/prims may be returned at any time and may be placed in your 'lost and found' folder as a single coalesced item.  To place the objects back into your inventory in the directories you desire, you must re-rezz this item and take the objects back into your inventory one by one.

There is only a few hours grace period once your tenancy expires before your objects are returned and your unit is automatically put back up for rent.  To avoid having your objects returned all lumped together, please take them with you when you are finished renting.

If you need to increase your prim allowance, please see details in-world at the Rental Office (there is a sign on the back wall).