Sky Diamond


We don't like rules but there has to be a few for the sake of being considerate to others.  By renting, you implicitly agree to abide by the basic terms below:

- No Temp Rezzers or Zero Prim Rezzers
- No harassment, stalking or griefing
- No Breedables or Script Farms

- No objects with excessive scripts that cause lag
- No Spy scripts

- No security systems beyond what is provided by Sky Diamond 

- Residential use only

Management will give you a warning and a short period of time to correct any violations.  Management reserves the right to evict for any reason and at any time with or without remaining days refund. 

In the case of an eviction for most rule violations, management will refund any remaining days rent. 

In the case of an eviction for griefing, management will not refund any rent.  The avatar will reported to Linden Labs and banned from all Sky Diamond parcels.