SECURITY SYSTEM - Add Guests and control visitor access - Auto-eject unwanted intruders


If you fail to get a menu when click on any of the above units, check your list of 'Blocked' People/Objects. The Block and Ignore buttons are dangerously close to one another and if you select 'Block' when closing, you will never get a menu again until you 'un-block'.

When the Control Center is outside and you click on something from a distance, you may not get a menu if there are transparent objects (rain, falling snow) in front of it which would appear transparent to you.  You cannot select something behind these objects that are transparent.  It is best to turn off any weather or zoom your camera close in to the Control Center before selecting something.

Press CTRL-ALT-T to highlight and de-highlight transparent items.

RENTAL BOX - Make Payments - Add Tenants - Get Group Invites - Get Prim Counts -  Rental Info

SCENE REZZER - Select dozens of high quality scenes

The Control Center is where you control skyhome security (HomeGuard), select scenes (Multi-Scene Rezzer) and Manage your Rental (Rental Box).  It stays in a fixed location in your skybox and each scene is built around it.  The Control Center is divided into 3 sections and clicking on any of them will bring up the appropriate menu.  Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with it to get the most out of your skyhome.

Sky Diamond