Sky Diamond


RADIO - This is a Media Radio

HELP- A link to this website


SECURITY SYSTEM - Add Guests and control visitor access - Auto-eject unwanted intruders


If you fail to get a menu when click on any of the above units, check your list of 'Blocked' People/Objects. The Block and Ignore buttons are dangerously close to one another and if you select 'Block' when closing, you will never get a menu again until you 'un-block'.


SCENE REZZER - Select beautiful high quality scenes

Each scene will also have a small ground control center located for easy access.  It includes the help button (link to this site), Radio and Teleporter to the Sky Control Station.

The Control Center is where you control skyhome security, select scenes  and Manage your Rental.  It stays in a fixed location 50 meters high from the center of in your sky platform.  The Control Center is divided into 3 sections and clicking on any of them will bring up the appropriate menu.  Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with it to get the most out of your skyhome.

RENTAL BOX - Make Payments - Add Tenants - Get Group Invites - Get Prim Counts -  Rental Info

SHOW/HIDE buttons - Make the sky station visible or invisible

TELEPORTER - Left click to select control station then Right click and select Teleport from the pie menu

SKY REZZER - Select from dozens of sky backgrounds