Sky Diamond

Griefers and Spammers

At some point in time you may experience visual spam, floating images, chat spam or any number of annoying visual phenomenon in your skybox.  These are sometimes the product of Greifers (a.k.a children) who are easily amused due to their generally low I.Q.  They will rez self-replicating particle spammers on neighboring sims that spew floating images, sometimes graphic or violent for several hundred meters in all directions.

     There is an easy fix for you and your guests:

1.  Block the owner of the offending object(s) - find the object, right click, find the owner then block that person.  All nuisance items from this AV will instantly disappear forever.  Sometimes the offending object is hard to find but check your Sky Diamond Group messages as we will have a name for you as soon as we can.

2.  Set Max Particles to zero - This is the quickest fix for you, and especially for your guests who show up and don't want to go through the steps of blocking.  It is also a great way to find the offending object as you won't be lost searching in a sea of floating images.

3.  Minimize your draw distance - The ideal draw distance inside your skybox is 64m.  This also reduces texture lag as you are only rendering textures inside YOUR skybox and not stuff from neighboring objects around you.

     What to do when you suspect a griefer attack:

1.  Notify us as soon as possible.  Most likely it is not occurring on our land but if so we can fix immediately.  Otherwise we will file an Abuse Report with LL.  If you can find the object and block the owner, please file an AR also from your viewer - select Help > Report Abuse and follow the instructions closely.  Unfortunately, LL can be very slow to respond sometimes so the more the merrier.