Sky Diamond

Nowadays, most everything is Mesh and even small items like a chair are loaded with 1024 x 1024 textures.  That's the price for making things that look good.  It also creates Rezzing Issues when you try and rez things on something as basic as a floor... and it's a mesh floor.

We recommend the Firestorm viewer over the standard SL viewer as it is faster, has more advanced features, a larger texture buffer and more options available to fine tune your experience.

Set Your Level of Detail (LOD) to the Max

​If you don't, mesh objects in Second Life may not fully rez and will disappear or deform when you move away.

In the SL viewer:

Me > Preferences > Graphics

    Click on Advanced Settings...

    Set Mesh - Objects: to High

In Firestorm:

Avatar > Preferences 

    Graphics > General

    Set 'Objects & Sculpts LOD' to 4.000

Set your texture buffer to the Max

The standard SL viewer limits you to 512MB max and defaults to this setting.  The Firestorm viewer allows for 1024MB max.  Some of the texture rich scenes we offer really benefit from this higher setting:

In Firestorm:

Avatar > Preferences 
    Graphics > Hardware Settings

    Set Viewer Texture Memory Buffer to 1024

Reduce your Draw Distance

Set it to 64m or 96m.  The problem is that the further you set your draw distance, the more it loads your neighbors textures that you aren't even looking at and filling up your limited video memory buffer.  You need all the space you can get just to see your own stuff without constant texture re-loading going on.