Sky Diamond

Here you can make payments, check the status of your rental, get prim counts, get Group Invites and add tenants to your rental.  

To pay for additional weeks, right click the 'Rental Box' and select 'Pay' from the Pie menu.

The Rental Menu has these options:

Land Impact- Shows your prim counts.  Includes all your friends prims also.

Tenants - Add or Remove friends who can control the Rental Box and make payments, they cannot invite other tenants however, only you the primary renter can do that. They should get a group invite automatically when you add them if they are online.  If not, once you have added them as tenant they can invite themselves to the group by selecting Grp Invite.

Notify Me - Will send you a notification when a specific unit becomes available to rent.  This is a useless feature.

Notecard - Gives a notecard that basically directs you to this website.

Update Prims - Should update the prim counter (may not always work)  Region-wide    prim counter updates itself every 3 hours.

Time Left - Time remaining on your rental.

Won't Renew - Let's us know you won't be renewing your rental.  Again fairly useless.

Grp Invite- Invite yourself to the group.  Tenants you have added can also invite themselves to the group.  But you can't invite them, they must invite themselves after you have added them as a Tenant if they did not receive an automatic invite.

Reminders - Will send you IM or Email when your tenancy is close to expiration.

Be sure to add your tenant guests to the Security System if they will be joining the group and rezzing items or their objects will be auto returned (see Security System).