Sky Diamond


​The Rezzer is where you select one of many 'scenes' to enjoy.  You are on a sky platform which measures 256mx256m and stays in a fixed location.  The sky platform is inside a 256m square box that is transparent from the inside but not from the outside so others in the area or nearby can not easily see your objects.  

The Landscape rezzer is located in the Sky Control Station 50m up from the center of your sky platform.

**When Rezzing scenes too quickly, you may get 2 scenes stuck together.  If 'Remove' doesn't fix it, it is best to leave for 2 minutes then return.  It will clear itself once there are no Avatars in the area.

When rezzing different scenes, sometimes artifacts from the previous scene appear in the new scene.  This is a common SL bug.  They are leftovers in your video memory and not really there anymore.  Right click on them and they will disappear.  Leaving for 2 minutes then returning will also clear them from your video memory.