Sky Diamond

FAQ and Troubleshooting

I don't like some of the furniture in my favorite scene, can I have it removed or replaced so I can have more prims?
Unfortunately no.  We cannot make any changes to the scenes individually.  


When I click on the Rezzer, Rental Box or a piece of furniture I don't get a menu anymore..

- Make sure it is not raining or snowing around the Rezzer/Box when you try and select it.
- Make sure you have not 'blocked' the object by accidentally selecting 'block' instead of 'ignore'.  

- Make sure you did not select 'Mute Owner' at some point or you wont get any menus at all.

SL puts these two buttons (block/ignore or mute/ignore) dangerously close together on the menu system. To unblock an object or a person in Firestorm, go to your 'People' menu and then 'Blocked'. You will see a list of objects and people you have blocked.  Find the item that is not communicating with you or 'Spinwilly Saiman' if you accidentally selected mute owner and 'un-block'.  Additionally if you are outside and you click on something that is not responding, there may be transparent prims such as plants, rain or snow in front of it blocking your request. Turn off rain/snow or move your camera view very close to the object then select.

When I'm outside and click on a door it won't open..

Turn off rain or snow then you can select the object.  Additionally, if you are outside with the weather turned on, you can move your camera to open it from the inside.  Moving the camera very close to the door or object before selecting also works.

When I click the Rental Info box I get a menu but no rental info.. 
The Rental Info box communicates in 'chat' which only has a 20m range so you should move closer if you are selecting from a distance.


When I select the Radio or TV screen, nothing happens..

Check your 'preferences' > 'sound and media' and make sure 'media' is enabled.

When I move away from the Radio or TV the volume drops and sound fades..

Check your 'preferences' > 'sound and media' and adjust your sound source rolloff distance in Firestorm.

I don't like the pre-selected Radio and TV stations in the pop-up menus, can I change them?

No.  But you can go to any website you want.  The TV works just like an internet browser, just enter the URL into the address bar.  In that way, the TV can also act as a radio as you can go to any internet radio site you like.  You can also use your own media device but you will not be able to change the parcel media stream.

My guests aren't hearing the radio station I'm listening to or seeing the YouTube video playing on the TV..

To hear the radio station you are listening to, just have your guests click the 'play' button on the radio.  To see the web content you are viewing, just have them click anywhere on the TV screen.


When Rezzing between scenes and 2 get stuck together
Try the 'Remove' button on the menu.  If that doesn't do it, leave for 2 minutes then return.  The Rezzer will clear itself if no Avatars are present.

When I Rezz a new scene, some of the objects from the old scene are still present..

This happens occasionally and are called 'ghost objects' and are not really there, they are just artifacts left over in your video memory.  To get rid of them just right-click on them, or select them as a group and they will disappear.  Also if you log off and log back on again, they will be gone.


When I Rezz a new scene, some of the objects don't appear fully rezzed..
This happens occasionally with mesh objects.  If something looks odd or only half way visible, right-click on it and it should visually correct.  


I can't rezz objects on my property..

M​ake sure you are a member of the Sky Diamond group.  If you did not get an invite upon renting you can invite yourself with the Tenant Inviter menu (see User Guide "Rental Box').  If you are already a member, see the 'Rezzing Issues' page.

Smaller objects disappear or look mis-shapen unless I zoom in on them..

Go into Preferences and set your LOD (level of detail -Firestorm) or Mesh>Objects (SL viewer) to it's highest setting for the best viewing experience.  Many objects are mesh and may use fewer triangles to save on land impact costs.  This does not occur with ordinary non-mesh prims.