Sky Diamond

First off, make sure you are a member of the Sky Diamond group (see Group Invite). If you are a sub-Tenant, be sure that your name is added to the HomeGuard Security System or your items will be returned.

If you are a member of the Sky Diamond group and see this message:

Can't rez object at { 129.527, 79.2946, 1465.11 } because the owner of this land does not allow it.  Use the land tool to see land ownership.

Don't worry, you are allowed to rez.  What you need to do is try rezzing in different spots until you find the ones that work.  Rez on top of non-mesh items.  Many objects in your skybox including floors have a high likelyhood of being mesh.

Tip:  Using the build tools, create a cube somewhere then rez your items on top of it.  These are simple prims that are non-mesh.


There is a long standing bug in SL that is causing some issues with rezzing on top of mesh. You should be able to view it here:

Rez your item a few meters away or on a different surface (i.e. a table, a rug), then move to your favorite spot.

Rezzing *No Copy* Items

If you attempt to rez a no copy item and get the above error message, the item will disappear from your inventory and seem to be lost forever.  Don't worry, it's not.

Also, if one of your tenants rezzes a no copy item and they are a member of the sky diamond group but you did not add them to the security system, their item will be returned within an hour and also temporarily disappear from their inventory.

What you need to do is 'clear your inventory cache', log out and log back in. This forces a fresh download of your inventory from the LL servers.  Then you can search for and find the item in your inventory again.

Before attempting to rez a no copy item, it is best to make sure you can rez in the desired location by attempting to rez an item with copy permissions first. Also, always make sure your tenants are added to the security system.

Rezzing Items in your skyhome

Rezzing Items in your skyhome