Sky Diamond

HomeGuard Security System

Before contacting support about a broken security system, please read this guide and understand how to use it first.  The 'ON' setting will not eject unwanted visitors from your skybox, only the 'AUTO' setting will.

The HomeGuard security scanner becomes active in your name immediately after renting. Touch the HomeGuard panel to access to the security menu. The scanner supports three scan modes: ON-AUTO-OFF (Default upon renting is ON mode, but this will not automatically eject intruders, only AUTO will).  To select the different modes, click the middle button.  The middle button shows what mode you are in, not the mode to be selected.

Be careful not to select the 'Block' button when exiting!  If you do this by accident, you will no longer get a menu when clicking on the HomeGuard unit. To fix this, go to your blocked list in whatever viewer you are using, find 'HomeGuard Security' and unblock it.

To visually determine which mode the unit is in, turn the floating hovertext on.  If hovertext is not on, click 'Options'> [Text].  This toggles hovertext on and off.  

1.  [ON]: When an intruder is detected, tenant will be warned and you will be given options to evict, accept as guest, or click the ignore button to grant temporary right to this avatar for 1 hour.  If accepted as 'Guest', they will  automatically be added to the security system but will not be added to the Land Manager (this means that if they are a member of the group, they can rez but their objects will be returned in < 1hr.).  See Adding Tenants.  

2.  [Auto]: Automatically evict intruders that are not on the guest list within 5 seconds. Those who granted with 1 hour temporary right will not be evicted.  If you would like to evict anyone including your guests in your area just touch the security system panel and select the name on the menu.

3. [OFF]: Tenant won't see any warning message even if an intruder is detected. 


  • Tenants are partners in your rental who can control the Rental box, make payments, invite themselves to the group etc.  You add them from the Rental Box.  They must be properly added to the Security System as a Guest also or their objects will be returned every hour or so. See Adding Tenants.

  • Guests are added to the Security System so they won't be evicted if you set your system to 'Auto' eject.


** In order for your Tenants to be able to rez items without them being returned, they must be added to the Security System by typing their name in manually from the keyboard.  Adding them via the buttons will not work. 

Adding names to the Security System automatically registers them with the sim-wide LAND MANAGER but you must TYPE THEIR NAME IN MANUALLY from the keyboard for that to happen.  The Land Manger is responsible for returning unauthorized objects.  If you invite them as tenant and they become a member of the group, they will be able to rez, but their objects will be returned in about 15 minutes if you haven't properly added them to the Security system.  SeeAdding Tenants.

 Access the security menu and select [Guests]:

 -  <Add> button: to add your guest list (case insensitive).  Be sure to use their Full Legacy Avatar name (e.g. Sunnyside Resident).

Once they are added, click the numbered button that corresponds to their name:
 -  <Delete> button: to remove avatar from your guest list.
 - <Manager> button: to grant/revoke 'security scanner' manager permission for an avatar. 

If you make your guest a 'Manager' they can add or remove guests also, but they can never remove you the primary renter.  Managers will have an asterisk '*' by their name.


If you have added someone to the Security System by clicking on the button that says 'Guest: AV name' (i.e. you don't type their name in manually), they won't get properly registered with the Land Manager.  Here's what to do:

1.  Delete them from the Security System

​2.  Re-Add them to the Security System by selecting:

  •      [Guests] , <Add>  and type in their full Avatar legacy name.

See Adding Tenants.

This will force a proper register with the Land Manager.  If your guest is offline when you add them to the Security System, they won't be immediately registered.  However, once they log on and visit your skyhome, they will immediately be detected by the Security System and the Land Manager will be updated.

If problem persists, contact support.